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The trauma experienced by the Gennevarians

I am a veteran Gennevarian about to retire from clinical practice; I shall discuss and inform our brothers and sisters the effects and consequences of trauma sustained after the raid and how to minimize the pain. The trauma experienced by the Gennevarians especially those whose gold or money were confiscated by the bandits consisting the BMM and other agencies is the main subject of today discussion. When that trauma leads to post-traumatic stress disorder, damage may involve physical changes inside the brain and to brain chemistry, which changes the person’s response to future stress.

A traumatic event like the GM raid can completely overwhelm the individual’s ability to cope or integrate the ideas and emotions involved with that experience. The sense of being overwhelmed can be delayed by weeks, years or even decades, as the person struggles to cope with the immediate circumstances.

Such psychological impact an lead to serious long-term negative consequences that are often overlooked even by mental health professionals. There is frequently a violation of the person’s familiar ideas about the world and of their human rights, putting the person in a state of extreme confusion and insecurity. This is also seen when people or institutions, depended on for survival such as government, violate or betray or disillusion the person in some unforeseen way. However, different people will react differently to similar events. One person may experience an event as traumatic while another person would not suffer trauma as a result of the same event. In other words, not all people who experience a potentially traumatic event will actually become psychologically traumatized.

Symptoms of trauma

People who go through these types of extremely traumatic experiences often have certain symptoms and problems afterward. How severe these symptoms are depends on the person, and the emotional support they receive from others. Reactions to and symptoms of trauma can be wide and varied, and differ in severity from person to person. A traumatized individual may experience one or several of them. After a traumatic experience which remains unresolved over a period of time, a person may re-experience the trauma mentally and physically, hence avoiding trauma reminders, also called triggers, as this can be uncomfortable and even painful.

They may turn to psychoactive substances including alcohol to try to escape the feelings. Re-experiencing symptoms are a sign that the body and mind are actively struggling to cope with the traumatic experience.Triggers and cues act as reminders of the trauma, and can cause anxiety and other associated emotions. Often the person can be completely unaware of what these triggers are. In many cases this may lead a person suffering from traumatic disorders to engage in disruptive or self-destructive coping mechanisms, often without being fully aware of the nature or causes of their own actions. Panic attacks are an example of a psychosomatic response to such emotional triggers.

Consequently, intense feelings of anger may surface frequently, sometimes in very inappropriate or unexpected situations, as danger may always seem to be present, as much as it is actually present and experienced from past events. Upsetting memories such as images, thoughts, or flashbacks may haunt the person, and nightmares may be frequent. Insomnia may occur as lurking fears and insecurity keep the person vigilant and on the lookout for danger, both day and night.The person may not remember what actually happened while emotions experienced during the trauma may be reexperienced without the person understanding why.

This can lead to the traumatic events being constantly experienced as if they were happening in the present, preventing the subject from gaining perspective on the experience. This can produce a pattern of prolonged periods of acute arousal punctuated by periods of physical and mental exhaustion. In time, emotional exhaustion may set in, leading to distraction, and clear thinking may be difficult or impossible. Emotional detachment, as well as dissociation or “numbing out”, can frequently occur. Dissociating from the painful emotion includes numbing all emotion, and the person may seem emotionally flat, preoccupied, distant, or cold. The person can become confused in ordinary situations and have memory problems.

Some emotional traumatized people may feel permanently damaged when symptoms do not go away and they do not believe their situation will improve. This can lead to feelings of despair, loss of self-esteem, and frequently depression. If important aspects of the person’s self and world understanding have been violated, the person may call their own identity into question. Often despite their best efforts, traumatized parents may have difficulty assisting their child with emotion regulation, attribution of meaning, and containment of post-traumatic fear in the wake of the child’s traumatization, leading to adverse consequences for the child In such instances, it is in the interest of the parent(s) and child for the parent(s) to seek consultation as well as to have their child receive appropriate mental health services.


Self-medication is the use of drugs, alcohol, or other self-soothing forms of behavior to treat mental distress, stress, anxiety, mental illnesses and/or other effects of psychological trauma.

Before assessing an individual’s psychological symptoms, it is necessary to determine whether the individual has returned to a state of psychological stability. If an individual remains in a state of crisis (i.e., overwhelmed with emotion, experiencing cognitive disorganization), it may not be appropriate or possible to conduct a psychological assessment until intervention has been provided. If deemed appropriate, the assessing clinician may proceed by inquiring about both the traumatic event and the outcomes experienced (e.g., post-traumatic symptoms, dissociation, substance abuse, somatic symptoms, psychotic reactions).

During assessment, individuals may exhibit activation responses in which reminders of the traumatic event trigger sudden feelings (e.g., distress, anxiety, anger), memories, or thoughts relating to the event. Because individuals may not yet be capable of managing this distress, it is necessary to determine how the event can be discussed in such a way that will not “retraumatize” the individual. It is also important to take note of such responses, as these responses may aid the clinician in determining the intensity and severity of possible post-traumatic stress as well as the ease with which responses are triggered.

Further, it is important to note the presence of possible avoidance responses. Avoidance responses may involve the absence of expected activation or emotional reactivity as well as the use of avoidance mechanisms (e.g., substance use, effortful avoidance of cues associated with the event, dissociation). In addition to monitoring activation and avoidance responses, clinicians carefully observe the individual’s strengths or difficulties with affect regulation (i.e., affect tolerance and affect modulation). Such difficulties may be evidenced by mood swings, brief yet intense depressive episodes, or self-mutilation. The information gathered through observation of affect regulation will guide the clinician’s decisions regarding the individual’s readiness to partake in various therapeutic activities.


There is a large body of empirical support for the use of cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of trauma-related symptoms, including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapies as the most effective treatments for PTSD. Two of these cognitive behavioral therapies, Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy are recognized in the treatment for veteran GI in the USA.

Following traumatic events, persons involved are often asked to talk about the events soon after, sometimes even immediately after the event occurred in order to start a healing process.

While debriefing people immediately after an event has not been shown to reduce incidence of post-traumatic stress, coming alongside people experiencing trauma in a supportive way has become standard practice. Suggestions:

  1. Form a support group like our GMS FB so that the affected can vent out their anger. You can even vent out at those whom you think are outsiders trying to make you even more stupid than you already are. Vent out at instigators as well. Vent out at BNM and BN.
  2. See local GP for relieving anxiety, insomnia and irritability.
  3. See a psychiatrist.
  4. Forgive the offenders; this is hard to do but is very effective.

Can the Government hospital take on the role of healers after BNM had acted out as offenders? The longer the issue remains unresolved; the worst will be the situation. I leave it to you to comment on the political impact on the ruling BN.

By KE Goh, Genneva Malaysia Supporters


Bara(h) Wedge

Stand-Your-GroundBank Negara (Bara(h) for short) has deployed the oldest trick in the book: divide and conquer. If you are familiar with history this is a common strategy used all the time to overcome a united and strong opponent. The Genneva Community (Management, Customers and Consultants) have withstood all sorts of rumours, slanders and half-truths that has been consistently dished out in the media and by several parties in power and in positions of authority, including, allegedly, Bara(h) themselves (see All remained unperturbed by these drivel. But Bara(h) persisted. Consider the following:

  1. Repeated calling up of consultants and hinting at “release” if there was a certain measure of compliance. Only vague carrots thrown out without any specifics.
  2. Staff and officers of GM being repeatedly harassed.
  3. The entire Board of Shariah advisers being called up.
  4. The Chairman of the company, relatively new to the company, being interviewed by Bara(h).
  5. Although repeated promises of early conclusion of investigations has been made through two statements to the media by Bara(h), nothing has been announced to date.

Having thus created a climate of uneasiness and frustration the authorities or perhaps Bara(h) surreptitiously planted the seeds of doubt and confusion.

The Trap is Sprung

As long as the Genneva Community remained united there was little that anybody could do. The solution was simple: drive a wedge between the three sections and create a sore. And this can be done if a good foundation was already in place. With the distortions in the media and half truths mouthed by senior politicians and the above five factors the foundations was there. In the last three weeks increasing cracks in the community have begun to appear.

You will Lose Out

Face the consequences of any unfair actions against GM. Look at the reality. If GM is forced out of business, what will be your fate? Can the customers be adequately compensated? What will happen to all the people who have so far been relying on GM for their sustenance and support?

If the community decides to turn against the company, you have to ask the simple question: if this happens who gains and who loses? Let me spell it out for you:

If GM is sued by customers they have a sound defence and an escape hatch – they did not refuse to honour their commitments, they were prevented from doing so by the actions of Bara(h). So if I were GM I would add Bara(h) as co-defendants in a third party proceeding. But for those planning legal actions against GM, not only will this entangle the customers in expensive legal proceedings but can and will drag for many many years.

If Consultants start to pull in conflicting directions based on empty promises, vague options and unfounded rumours that a release is imminent, all Bara(h) would need is a few of these unsettled folks to prepare a possible case but again this too would be futile in achieving any measure of success. GM is not at fault. After a costly litigation many will discover that the true cause was the unjustifiable raid on GM based merely on suspicion and not on any solid evidence. Even if there is success against GM not a penny will be gained as by then GM would be wound up if Bara(h) does not release the company and its assets straight away.

Some customers have already commenced legal actions against GM. Lawyer’s demand notices are arriving at the offices of the company. Do you seriously think that they can really stand to succeed in their case by alleging fraud against the very same directors who, until the untimely raid, have consistently honoured all their commitments to you all? Can it be seriously sustained that the entire Shariah Board could have misled the public, especially when the founding Shariah Board of GM included representatives from the current Shariah Advisory Council of Bara(h)? You can see how misconceived all these actions are – it is not with a view to eventual success but only for dividing you all for now – only for just now. So that you can all start quarrelling amongst yourselves and thus allow Bara(h) to get away with an unfair and unjustified raid. Once the dust settles, GM, the customers and the consultants will be the only losers.

It is being falsely believed that if enough mud is thrown some will stick. The honest response is to stand your ground, believe in what is right and stay united. If you can rally now and demonstrate your strong determination and will that alone and nothing else will result in the imminent release of GM. Solidarity is the only weapon you have. Use it mightily.

By Savana Sim, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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Take Action II — Report BNM to the Police

FB Cover-Call-the-CopsSince BNM wants customers to make police reports, lets do it.

Lets make police reports against Bank Negara Malaysia for the unprofessional raid without investigating first before freezing the company. 

UPDATED: Templates for making police reports, please visit

Repot Polis

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It’s so obvious lah, (Mr) BNM (Officer) …

Does BNM, or rather the “Little Napoleon” within, really take us for fools?

Little-NapoleanHow on earth does a lawyer who has just been admitted to the Malaysian bar on 20th April 2012, in a law firm with three lawyers (this is mentioned to raise a point only and NOT meant to be disrespectful to the lawyer or the firm in any way, form or manner), representing supposedly nine disgruntled customers out of a total 60,000, filing a suit against Genneva Malaysia for Syariah-compliant issues, get such publicity in major newspapers and even news coverage on TV when the voices of the thousands of customers and consultants speaking for the company were suppressed and whatever little comments that had airtime edited to the point of fabricating facts?

This appears to be the latest form of wicked fear-mongering contrived by the hidden hands to again instil fear and confusion amongst Genneva Malaysia’s customers. It appears to be another attempt to ‘divide and rule’ intended to break the unity that bonded the tens of thousands of Genneva Malaysia’s supporters nationwide who stood with 1 VOICE against their oppressors.

The unity amongst Genneva Malaysia’s customers must have been a major stumbling block to the evil deeds of these hidden hands.

It is only obvious that to overcome this stumbling block, these customers must be made to act against Genneva Malaysia.

Hence, the numerous attempts prior to this latest charade inciting customers to rebel against the company.

This latest act was supposed to be another nail in the coffin which the Little Napoleon of BNM has prepared for Genneva Malaysia.

However, with the Little Napolean’s twisted deeds exposed in the articles titled Open Letter to Deputy Finance Minister & BNM and Why BNM’s credibility is questionable”, this latest stunt may well be another nail in the Little Napoleon’s own coffin instead.

Remember, one may fool some people some of the time but not all the people all the time.

Gennevarians are not fools, Little Napoleon of BNM. Why should we go after the company? It will only benefit you if we do. You will then have more reasons to prolong your investigations and let our case fade by the wayside, just like what you have done to other gold companies.

You orchestrated all events leading to your raid. You seized our gold. You seized our money. You froze the company. You robbed our rights to our livelihood. You want to wash your hands by inciting the customers to act against the company that provided for us to justify your raid. You are still trying to justify your large scale raid 3 months on, whilst 300,000 innocent victims suffer daily from your actions.

Actually, we should be filing a suit against YOU instead!

BNM, we sincerely hope you realise the folly of your Little Napoleon. Restore your reputation. Release Genneva Malaysia so that it can resume business and take care of the 300,000 victims of your Little Napoleon.

Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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On Judicial Review and Judicial Relief

Just only yesterday, we have read the issue pertaining to the controversial Automatic Enforcement System (AES) project reaching boiling point with the imminent prospect that one of the two contractor companies handling the AES project is in logger head with the local municipal authority controlled by the Selangor State Government.

AESPeople have been highly critical of the AES project because it is tainted with conflict of interest whereby BN cronies hidden behind the AES project stand to be the ultimate beneficiary to a highly lucrative profiteering business at the expense of the ordinary motorists on the street who are unfortunate enough to be caught on their camera.

Hence it was reported that Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd, one of two companies awarded the AES contract, is challenging in court the Sepang Municipal Council’s directive to dismantle two speed-trap cameras installed in Selangor. It was said that the “challenge” was to be mounted by way of a judicial review application and the case is expected to be heard on 14th February 2013.

What actually struck my interest was the fact that Beta Tegap is seeking to declare the local council has no jurisdiction over the two highways but the company’s legal standing (i.e. locus standi) will likely be raised as an issue because it is a private company contracted to install the speed-trap cameras while traffic summonses are issued by the Road Transport Department considered the rightful authority to issue any legal challenge. I will refer back to this point in a moment.

It was reported in the Star today that (with incredible lightning speed) the High Court granted leave to Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd for a judicial review, thus opening the gateway for the contractor to challenge a decision by the local council to demolish two camera pillars located at two highways respectively. This decision by the High Court opens up a court precedent which looks set to work to our advantage at a later stage. I will show why in due time.

Sadly it was also reported today in most news media that nine customers of GM sued the company and its four directors for return of their monies. Assuming what was reported is true and accurate, it is rather odd and puzzling when one considers the following points:

  1. Why sue the directors when these people entered into the transaction with Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd? The law governing companies of limited liability is quite clear and unless the directors have given personal guarantees to these claimants for the return of their monies, I don’t see how it is prudent that they wish to make this happen.
  2. Why sue for misrepresentation and fraud? It is far easier to sue for breach of contract rather than wade through a more difficult and sticky pathway via misrepresentation and fraud because it is more difficult to prove the elements of either one of them.
  3. Why the need to get this action rushed through when section 54(3) AMLATFA 2001 has made itself so clear?
  4. Is this a case of fool-hardiness or self-heroism?

It is of course the right of these nine people to act just as much as ours not to. However, my personal take on this is that these nine fellows have burnt their bridges behind them. They have thrown themselves into the deep blue sea without life jackets or floats and the only thing left for them to hang on to will be their lawyer.

For their sake, they better pray their lawyer got it right from the start. That’s because under such scenario there is a thin line between the sinkable and the unsinkable. In desperate times people will tend to grab whatever close-by so as to keep afloat. Under the circumstance would you not try your damned best to avoid these people and stay as far away as possible as if they have the plague so that they don’t drag you down along with them too? How would they do so?

A variety of things, for example, they could start by getting information from you that they do not have but otherwise might help them in their case. This information may have been procured by you from your higher up consultant or insiders. They may also try to influence you to follow them by starting your own law suit against GM. They think by doing so, they stand a better chance winning their case.

Oh yes, for people who are contemplating to follow the same footsteps, do yourself a favour – ask your lawyer for a written guarantee first, that you will get your money back from GM if you start to sue. If your lawyer is not agreeable to that, chances is you will end up losing more money than you bargained for. That’s because your lawyer would have got his legal fees but you end up being the loser without getting a single sen back as a result of the suit.

Now back to the point I was raising. Do you know we are lucky that in a span of two days we were able to see two distinct types of court actions? One is called Judicial Review and the other Judicial Relief. Some may ask -what’s the difference?

Judicial Review is a means for the judiciary to perform checks on the government (i.e. those holding the executive power). It primarily is concerned with the legality of the decision-making process of the government. It is not concerned with the merits of the decision. Hence if the authority acts against or fails to act according to the will of Parliament (through the Acts of law), it is therefore said to be acting ultra vires (i.e. beyond its powers) and is unlawful.

If so the court will interfere by reviewing the decision to determine the lawfulness of the decision, actions or omission. Having said that, there is one hurdle that one needs to clear first, for there must be a decision from the Minister (or the government) before an application for judicial review can be made.

There are three grounds for judicial review, namely illegality, unreasonableness or irrationality, and procedural impropriety. Applying this requirement to the context of GM, it is important that BNM must have made a decision first before the door to judicial review is opened to us. It is however arguable that upon expiry of the ninety days pursuant to Section 44(5) AMLATFA, the fact that there is no charge being brought up by BNM is indeed a “decision” by the authority not to proceed.

I brought up the Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd case that’s caught in the centre of the AES controversy for four reasons:-

  1. It is the most recent case that is made available to me, one that I may use to highlight to all Gennevians that this legal action is “still alive and kicking” and widely used when the authorities abused their power (but in the AES matter, it still remains to be seen as to who the real “abuser of power” is).
  2. It provides a good example as to when a judicial review is granted by the court.
  3. It provides some idea as to when a third party has successfully obtained leave (i.e. permission) from the court to start a judicial review. This court precedent is going to be important to us because (and unless I am wrong) I liken Gennevians to be in the same shoes as Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd as we are going to be third parties too if we start an action against BNM for judicial review.
  4. It provides some idea as to the speed of getting a judicial review case moving in the High Court. In Beta Tegap case, their lawyer filed the court action yesterday and today the case is expected to be heard on 14th February 2013. I have seen many comments from Gennevians that we have to sue BNM to get back our gold and money, but the misunderstood perception is that the “suing” of BNM takes a long time. But as you all can see, the perception is wrong and 14th February is not a long time to wait.

By contrast, we now turn to look at the legal action taken by the nine people against GM. This conforms to the general perception that most of you have in mind, the notion of “suing” GM. This kind of legal action is called “Judicial Relief” or also known as “judicial Remedy”.

Judicial Relief is the means with which a court of law, usually in the exercise of civil law jurisdiction, enforces a right, imposes a penalty, or makes some other court order to impose its will. This court procedure entails going for trial, getting a judgment (provided that you win) and then a court order to enforce your judgment. This kind of “suing” is a long process and indeed takes a long time to reach the destination if you take into account delays due to court postponements.

With the above explanation, I hope people are no longer confused between Judicial Review and Judicial Relief. They may look like twins, but even twins have their own distinct identity and characteristic.

By Dee Casey, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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BNM (its little napoleons within) doing more harm for BN and the rakyat

FB-Cover-Do-The-Right-Thing-BNMI cannot help but feel very angry at the authorities particularly, BNM (Special Investigation Unit) for such an unjust and foolish act of raiding GMSB.

How many times have we cried out our pain and suffering to them to release GMSB and how much we have reasoned with them that they are causing more harm to us than protecting us. Yet, it is not heeded, because of some individuals who think that GMSB must be closed down at any cost. That the reason for closing GMSB and its program is always projected as a “protection” of the public for fear of being cheated by it, has a totally different effect when all of us who are affected by it, are so badly hurt is totally incomprehensible.

Have the authorities thought about the impact this has caused its citizens, and how it will cost them dearly in the coming General Election before they raided GMSB?

I am totally appalled at the intellectual capability of these people responsible for the infamous raid. Can they not see its impact on us? Do they not know how many people are involved? Do they realise how widespread our program has gone throughout the nation and most importantly, the impact it has on the coming election? Yet they did it. This clearly shows that they have not done their homework well. That BNM had earlier audited GMSB and returned with a clean bill of health in February this year further indicates how ridiculous and unjust this raid has been.

If BNM wanted to “protect” us, why did they not come up with regulations on gold trading to ensure the public’s interest is protected? Why after 8 months, and all of a sudden, GMSB is “suspected” of contravening BAFIA and AMLA? The fact that they allowed GMSB to operate is taken as an “implied” sanction that this program is legal. The public believes this and went into this program wholeheartedly and now is in dire straits, when the same authority claims that the program is fraudulent. This is just after 8 months and the program has not been altered.

Can everyone see how absurd this is … how BNM loses it credibility? BNM should be responsible for this and it owes the public a way out of this fiasco.

It is time for BNM to do something to rectify this horrific incident. It is time for it to take responsibility to act in the interest of the public. It is time for it to really protect us! Dragging this further with no decision is killing us by the day and causing BN to lose its popularity. BNM must realise that GMSB is an ongoing business concern and as such, it needs to be left alone to operate for it to meet its obligations in fulfilling the outstanding orders. It is totally unfair and counterproductive for BNM to close it “in a winding down” fashion with its current perceived assets strip to meet its liabilities. According to BNM calculation, the assets are falling fall too short and if forced to repay its liabilities, we will only get 10-20 sen for every Ringgit. Is that what BNM wants in the interest of “protecting” us?

Let’s examine this properly. What is the objective of BNM? Is it to punish the public by causing massive financial loses and BN to lose its popularity and hence the coming election? Or is it the protection of a certain “group” for which the GMSB plan is perceived to have threatened is of utmost importance that the interest of the public can be sacrificed at any cost?

I hope and pray that there will be some in BNM who can see the injustice and sympathise with us in reversing this into a workable solution to free us from this misery. I am sure GMSB Management would be more than willing to work together with BNM to arrive at an acceptable solution. BNM, should be aware of the fact that GMSB has not defaulted in carrying out its obligations for the past 2 years, and as such, should have confidence that it can continue to do so if left alone to operate without any deliberate action aimed at toppling it. At the same time, if BNM feels that the risk involved is too high for its comfort and that the current operating procedures fall short of its acceptable level, then by all means come in and closely supervise GMSB up to a point when it is able to provide BNM a comfortable level to operate alone.

For the sake of hundreds of thousands of us who are caught in this affair, I hope and pray that BNM will be rational to do the right thing. If it is not just for us, do it for BN and for its impact on the coming election.

By Matthew Ee, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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Take Action I — Move Your Money Out of Local Banks

“Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.” – Helen Keller


It is obvious now Bank Negara is protecting the local banks by raiding Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Even conventional gold shops are affected. While Genneva thrived, Poh Kong Holdings Bhd’s pre-tax profit for the first quarter ended Oct 31, 2012 fell to RM15.899 million from RM25.822 million in the same quarter last year – view

Our appeals fell on deaf ears. Time we took action. It’s almost Christmas and New Year 2013. Till today, BNM is SILENT on returning the gold and money to the rightful owners. We are NOT going to take this robbery in broad daylight sitting down. Enough is enough!

There are many other ways to protest and this is what we CAN DO. You can move your money out of the local banks. Think of the message this will send to Bank Negara — and to Barisan National, the government of the day. Customer Is King — and People Are The Boss.

Could a major run on the banks seriously damage them? It depends on how seriously people take this idea. It depends on YOU as an individual to make the impact collectively as a people.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Open a bank account at a foreign bank in Malaysia; e.g. Citibank, HSBC, SCB, OCBC, UOB.
  2. Move your money there via bank transfer.
  3. Leave RM10 in your local bank.
  4. Tell your local bank you are a Genneva customer and you want your gold and money back from BNM. In addition, say, perhaps you will bank with them again when you get your assets back.
  5. Get support — tell your family, relatives and friends to do the same. Say, I’m doing this for my relative/friend who is a Genneva customer ruined by BNM.

If people decided they were no longer going to bank at local institutions, then those banks’ days would be numbered. They all depend upon the money of the so-called “small people” (you and I) to give them the cash to play with in their hedging games, their structured derivative plays, etc.

It could all be a fantasy, the idea of taking down the local banks, but then, it’s really a cost-free thing to attempt.

Like the idea? Don’t just “like”. DO IT. Move your money from local banks to foreign banks in Malaysia TODAY.

Try Me

“Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.” – Helen Keller

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