ALERT! What happens to the Gennevarians now?

CrossroadsWe are at a cross road!

I have a few words to say to all the Gennevians but I also know that there is a sizeable numbers who do not bother to read the GMS Facebook. I hope those who have read this would share with others who do not visit this FB.

Ever since the day of GMSB raid, there were frantic efforts to rescue the GMSB by loyal consultants and customers. It was an encouraging sight and if this spirit were to continue unchanged through out for the next 100 more days, GMSB would have a stronger defence against the perpetrators.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. It is natural for groupings to be formed wherever and whatever situations even in colleges where the like minded and ethic groups tend to gravitate together. English speakers and Chinese speakers get segregated.

With the formation of Proterm Committee and subsequent GMS FB and Admin, there seem to be many cooks all trying to help out. This is good if there is no conflict and they share the strategies as one family. Neither is there a trophy to be given for a particular group here nor is there glamour, recognition or award to be given. However only the efforts to be shared will get GMSB released.

There is wind of one group claiming they can do better than the others. I have heard of a group saying “they need us more than we need them.” This is a very childish thinking given that we are not only grown up but many of us are grand parents ourselves.

I like to say thank you for all that were done by the separate groups and they all have the same objective, despite many unpleasant incidences where quite a few have turned traitors there are still constructive works done in the right direction.

IMG-20130201-WA0000Suddenly from nowhere comes a good Samaritan by the name of Dee Casey who is a victim himself and he had said enough is enough. He then wrote articles after articles and by now he had established to a beacon of light for the Gennevians showing the direction after doing countless hours of researches and being legally trained, he is confident that he can help all the groups to consolidate to achieve the objective in the shortest time possible.

He has expressed frustration because several camps are holding on to their silence while the other camps are involved. There is little time left and our police reports are not sufficient to impress the JR judges yet. Throw away the prestige and ego and become a truly 1 Gennevian family and start to focus working with Dee who will breakdown the barrier between the warring camps. Make use of existing platform of Protem Committee and that of GMS FB and blog to disseminate the updates.

What do we need now?

We need to send strong messages to BNM that we are united and strong.

  1. We need you to encourage friends to “like” the GMS FB. At present we have more than 30,000 likes. We want you and all your families and friends to click “like” to make it to at least 60,000 before the end of February. I personally carry 30 slips of papers with Genneva Malaysia Supporters written on them and ask pharmaceutical sales people and close friends to “like” the page. This is people power.
  2. We need you to lodge police report to show to the presiding JR judges that 8,000 of the affected people are asking for the return of their gold and money.
  3. Criticize the BNM for the wrong doing. The more the better.
  4. For those who were reluctant to visit the GMS FB, I am pleading you to do so. This does not slight your ego but help you to achieve a common objective. Pride carries no reward if your livelihood is diminished because the release letter has not been received by GMSB.
  5. Pressurize BNM aggressively till they they say enough is enough.

I think I have say enough and shall continue working among the different groups to finally achieve the objective. If the release comes out because of management hard work or because we have pressurized, we are equally happy.


Unite or die together in the Year of the Snake.

By KE Goh, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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Like and share.


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