ALERT II: Genneva leaders, unite


This letter may seem the appropriate response to the call of the wind that is currently blowing around asking all the big groups to wait for good news before the CNY and one particular group even managed to pull out its hand me down crystal ball to catch a glimpse of the auspicious date as xx/0x/2013.

To wait or not to wait, that’s the question. The answer is to do it the Yankee way.

So then what is the meaning of “wait”? By definition, wait means to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens. In simple layman term, “wait” can also mean to go into a state of hibernation until some event or someone comes along and kicks you in the ass.

In this case of course the expected event that everyone is waiting for is the auspicious letter of release that’s going to free your locked up gold or money and one that’s leading to the hopeful resumption of GMSB business.

So you people want to make it feel like you are now taking a long holiday as if you have already worked very hard and had achieved your objective right?

Only three words that come to my lesser educated mind: Sheer Ignorance and Complacency.

While you are enjoying the sheer bliss of it all, I don’t mind going all out to ask another happy question: Do you want bonuses to be thrown in as well?

Allow me to do you a favor. WAKE UP. Wake up to the reality that BNM is laughing at you people because that is what they are doing when they see the very same people who were supposedly to pressurize them from every direction and means to force them into submission are all hung in blissful wonderland. BNM Mazlan Ahmad would be the first man to look down on you and tighten the screw by a few more notches clock-wise!

Dee and I have briefed you the importance of lodging police report and Judicial Review. Unfortunately I also cannot discuss the shortfall, the limitation and the condition of our plan over here because our common enemy is watching us closely. But there is a Chinese proverb – “you do not have to draw the intestines when you express in a drawing”. However, I have managed to share some of the concerns with a few confidantes.

Our strategy is pretty much fool-proof and through further discussions with the important parties it can be improved since the more brains put together is definitely better than just one acting alone.

Needless to say, each invitee is a leader in his/her own right with capacities far better than any other ordinary person. On their own, these people can command their audiences and lead by example with hundreds or even thousands of followers and that is why they are termed leaders just by their own making.

These leaders are an excellent breed and they stand out from the crowd. For they just know how to work their way through a system or a business better than the rest of us and for this reason alone, we have to salute them. Sometimes we try to imitate and copy their styles and yet we always come out short or much worst than our original plan.

Ironically, an observed drawback or flaw that these leaders have in common is the inclination not to share what they are good at with other leaders as if they are their bitter rivals. This phenomenon is commonly seen and happening in the political scene especially in political parties in a country (or even within the same party) in Asian countries including our Bolehland.

I admire the Americans where political candidates within the same party who would fight, call each other names and hammer each other like there is no tomorrow but once one candidate is declared a winner the supporters of the rival candidates would invariably close rank and fully support the successful candidate to fight the opposition candidate.

More remarkable is the way leaders from the opposition compromise for the sake of the country when the country is faced with a crisis. Recent examples of such unique spirit seen to be working was the forging of cooperation to handle the ceiling and the fiscal crisis. That is what the American spirit is all about. Read Barack Obama’s victory speech.

Why can’t we Gennevians emulate the Yankees in this respect? This is a chance for us to sit down and plan and collectively work out a way to beat the common enemy and restore the dignity we all once enjoyed before the raid. I also believe that this crisis happened for a reason and I guess it is to teach us a word called UNITY. I want to thank the Yankees for showing us the way forward.

Notwithstanding the above praise for the unity spirit, Dee Casey and I would like to suggest that we work out something tangible without hurting the dignity of all the leaders concerned. The ego, pride, anger, frustration and whatever else you call it must be put aside so that we can finally concentrate on achieving the objective with success.

We are going to be running short of time and as such a decision is timely for calling the following leaders and as a show of respect to each one of you, we just name the 2 or 3 alphabets of your names; Ca, An, Car, Ki, Mel, Min, Ray, Ti and Ri. An emissary would inform you formally later in the day and indicate to you leaders the rest of things which I cannot write in this GMS FB.


By KE Goh, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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