Judicial Review for Dummies

Why the need to lodge police reports?

Higest Form of IgnoranceAnswer: A CLASS ACTION has to show the number of affected complainants who have been wronged and wants justice to be served. 

The judge is going to be unimpressed by the numbers if the majority does not lodge police reports.

First on his mind is “what happened to the rest of the victims”? Why are the majority not complaining and only these minority are doing that? Inference then is to take the notion that BNM is right and we are wrong.

Do keep in mind that a certain percentage of success in JR is due to perception and this first impression is going to run through the judge’s mind from day one he/she sees the file on the table. Without the majority lodging reports, the judge is not going to sit up and look carefully.

Now please go lodge your report.
Please download a police report template that is applicable to you.

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16 thoughts on “Judicial Review for Dummies

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  5. Noor Azmin b Noordin

    I already lodged a report in Seremban 2 Police Station on 3/2/13 , however no respond at all from them . What should I do next?

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