No one saves us but ourselves

404188_3812262636173_1897459015_nThere are persistent rumours flying about that a certain “letter of release” is about to take place and a variety of reasons were given to ask Gennevarians to wait for it. Some insisted that it will be out by 15th February 2013, just after the CNY. However, one word of caution though.

Gennevarians must always be vigilant against taking in such excuses wholesale but rather it is wise that it must be taken with a big pinch of salt. If you ask me, I have already discounted the fact that it is going to happen and the faster you people realize this, the better prepared you all will be on its impact when this reality hits after the CNY festivity comes to a full stop.

If you are a customer of GMSB, read this message carefully, pause to digest it and then think long and hard what you are going to do next, preferably even before you go off to enjoy the CNY break. For when you come back after the merry making, all hell will break loose. That’s when you find reality comes slamming you in the face.You may ask, what is going to happen? My answer: NOTHING.That is when you will come to realize that there is not going to be any hope of a “release”.

Stop letting people control youAnd before you know it, you will be receiving lots of messages from people at the top that only if you vote for them, they will help you. They have the power to get the company released and they also have the power to give you whatever you want. Of course that looks darn well like a hostage drama; do something for me and I will release the hostage. Of course we all know that the hostage is not going to be released even if you are to do as told. That’s when you will kick yourself hard in the butt for not listening, more so when you see them cruelly laughing back at you, telling you in the face that they lied. What are you going to do about it huh?

My best suggestion is don’t go running to your consultant and asking them what to do. Honestly, chances is high that your consultant will run off to see the higher up consultant and that person will in turn run off to the highest super-duper consultant only to find that that consultant will be given such good ticking off that by such time it reaches back to you, your consultant would say things enough to make you cry. You will find yourself to be in a state of suspension until before you know it, the General Elections 2013 (GE13) is over and done with.

By then you will see that you are still pondering what to do but only difference is that you find virtually no leverage to do anything about it.

Just Do ItTherefore before you even reach that stage of hopelessness, why don’t you discuss your plan properly with your family and loved ones and set yourself a goal. Do just that without asking anyone except yourself and your loved ones. At least that way, you still have recourse for salvation.

Let’s face the fact, the super-duper consultants are not going to be bothered about you or your welfare. For you see, the other fact is that these people already made their money from you and they are not even afraid to hide it. It is shown by their sheer arrogance and contempt towards you.

These very same people take your call or visit as if you are bothering them, disturbing their inner peace so to speak. From a customer you have now been reduced as nothing more than a mere pest to them. You have probably heard from your consultant calling you an idiot and describing you as one of many “fools rushing in where angels fear to tread”.

However, don’t you want to get out of the financial quagmire that you have found yourself to be stuck in today? Are you done with doing something and have resigned yourself in doing nothing now but just to wait for the sky to fall on you? Or are you contented to go blaming just about everybody else around you except for the fact that you are not helping your own self?

Stop waitingCome on Gennevarians, the urgent business of the day is still for you to safeguard and ensure your own future and destiny. Nobody, not even BNM or the government has the capacity or the capability to bully you around if everyone stand united and stand solidly behind one another. We deserve nothing short of a harmonious peaceful and prosperous nation cleansed of corruption graft and all other foul dealings that undermine the rule of law democracy and justice.

So folks, I shall end by telling (perhaps reminding is more apt) each one of you that the time is drawing near for you to make a clear and unqualified decision; to wait or not to wait. In getting that answer right, just don’t ever be swayed by people who are trying to sell you “Janji Kosong” all wrapped up in niceties and present it to you as Janji Ditepati.

By Dee Casey, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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One thought on “No one saves us but ourselves

  1. C S YEO

    Till to-date, most people are still not sure exactly what is the right step of action to take to safeguard their own money. The purpose & function of the Police Report & Judicial Review are not clearly spelled out as there are still questions unanswered about this line of action. The Donald Ling news feed says BNM cannot release the gold & money confiscated from GMSB on the 01Oct2012 except through Court! How can that be?! BNM can snatch these money & gold from GMSB, they surely can release these money & gold too! What LOGIC or System of Jurosdiction is this?! *#€<%^}!!!


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