Do you want a government like this?

Hot in today’s news, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand has said she declined to perform a second autopsy on security guard C. Sugumar as Malaysian government was not happy with her previous work in the death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

“Please send my message to your people that I’ve never wanted to be involved in politics I understand that each country have sic their own justice system but there should be no barrier for the people to seek justice ” she said.

The End BNDo you want a government like this?

Our government is the vindictive kind of the worst sort. Once they are set to do you in, no one is expected to help. If you help, they will do everything possible to do you in as well.

A government that is ARBITRARY in choosing what kind of law to do you in, no matter whether there is evidence or not.

A government that is AUTHORITATIVE that says it loud and clear that it is always right and will do everything possible to cover its ass even if wrong and if you try to do something to disprove what they are trying to cover up, they will again try everything possible to do you in.

A government that is COLD AND HEARTLESS and will not listen, listen, listen to the people’s plight and suffering, as what Gennevians are doing here.

A government that is never hesitant to TWIST AND TURN until they get what they want from you or run away from you once they got what they want.

A government that is THICK-SKINNED AND SHAMELESS even if the truth is exposed right in their faces.

A government that is so BOLD AND DARING as to rob its citizens in broad daylight of their rightful entitlement, contrary to any right thinking government that would abhor and resent from doing it in the first place.

A government that is ARROGANT enough to continue rubbing you in the dirt and scornfully laughs at you as you protest helplessly of being robbed, as if asking you – “what are you going to do about it”?

A government that is constantly and persistently going to BULLY you around for the next five years if it got elected again this GE13.

No to BNGennevians, take the cue from the “Penang Lang” when they gave Najib a loud and resounding “NO” when he asked Penangites “Are you ready for BN?” three times. Say “NO” to BN and BNM.

How do you say no when there is no field and no PSY to allow you to gather?


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