Please Fight Back! (请反击!反击有理!)

First they came

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

I was at the HelpDesk at Goldbeam today and I learnt a lot i.e that there are many misconceptions regarding the Police Reports and the Judicial Review.

Some of which are :

1. The  police report  will jeopardize the company Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GMSB) or it will go against the company. Truth is the police reports is your complaint against BNM for acting in bad faith. It has been about 5 months and still no charge against the GMSB and no release of gold and monies to us. You are merely asking the police to investigate BNM not GMSB.

2. By lodging your police report, it could jeopardize your claim for gold and monies as GMSB would be angry with you. Truth is you are acting for your own interest and protecting your own interest. You are not hurting GMSB nor suing GMSB in anyway. Why would GMSB not give you gold nor pay you monies if they were up and running? The fact that the HelpDesk for the JR is set up at Goldbeam office speaks for  itself.

Fight-Back-BNM3. I also understand today that some of you are afraid to lodge police reports because you are afraid of being harassed by the authorities. Please do not fear, it is high time all of you take action.

For the last four months some quarters have been telling you, “Good news is coming and please wait for it. Do not do anything to jeopardise the good news”. I personally have heard it 5 to 6 times. “Once bitten, twice shy; twice bitten, never try…” 5 to 6 times means enough is enough! Someone is making a fool out of all of us.

Please fight back! Like Bersih, Lynas, etc. when you fight back you are taking control of your destiny, what more, we are fighting for our life long savings and our livelihoods. It is high time BNM be challenged for acting in ultra vires and for abusing their powers.

4. To those of you who have not lodged police reports for other reasons – I do not have to spell it out – but you are in support of the JR, please come and join the meeting How to Get Your Gold and Money Back from BNM this Friday 22/2 at Goldbeam Office as you may still be part of the JR despite not lodging your PR (HelpDesk Crew like to know who you are and how many of you are out there) . It is of course best for you to lodge your police reports as that tantamount to Public Pressure when BNM sees this happening all over the country.

I am one of the early ones who lodged my police report together with my customers, so I urge all of you to do the same to help yourself, your families and your customers to fight for what is rightfully yours. We were all robbed by Greedy Corrupted People! I got really fed up with the whole situation and I point my guns at the perpetrator of my misery BNM not GMSB because you do not bite the hand that feeds you!

Please help yourselves and don’t let BNM get away with our gold and monies!

By JL Fong, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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今天我在GOLDBEAM工会所设立的服务台,得知对投诉报警(Police Report) 和司法審査(Judicial  Review, JR)产生许多的误解。


1、 投诉报警行为是针对性的对付金玉华公司,且它具危害性。事实是 投诉报警是你针对国行"坏诚信"行动所作出的抗议。至今已有5个月,国行未做出任何对金玉华公司的指控且未归还我们的黄金和款额。你仅是要求警方介入调查国行,非金玉华公司。

2、投诉报警行为将激怒金玊华公司,並危害你寻求黄金及款额的机会。事实是 你是为自己而行使保护自己的利益行动。无论如何,此行为对金玉华公司並无造成伤害;如果回复正常运作,为何金玊华公司会不给你黄金或支付你的款额呢?JR服务台设立于GoldBeam办公室的事实,已不言自明地表示支持。


在过去4个月里,四方八面来的消息告诉你,"好消息来了,请等待它吧!不要做任何损害好消息的行动。"。我被告知5、6次之多。"一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳"⋯ 这5、6次的谎言已能说明我们已受夠了!有人计划地在愚弄着我们!

请反击!如Bersih,Lynas 等。你的反击行动是为了保护自己的血汗钱和生计而战!命运掌握于自己手中。現在正是時候,挑战国行的越权和滥权行为了!

4、因为某种因素而没有投诉报警的人,我不方便略出,如果你是支持司法審查JR行动,欢迎你来参加于22/2日,"如何从国行要回我们的黄金和款额"的会议。地点在GoldBeam 办公室。因为你还是可以参加JR司法審查法律行动。服务台人员须要登记和收集你的资料。当然,报警是受鼓励和支持的,如果全国性地釆取一致行动,它将对国行形成一股非常大的公众压力。



原著JL Fong


11 thoughts on “Please Fight Back! (请反击!反击有理!)

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  7. Noor Azmin b Noordin

    I have lodged a police report but till now there
    is no news from the police. Please advise what should i do next.

    Thank you

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