Now All Genneva Customers Can Support Judicial Review

SUPPORT JRUPDATE: Download latest JR Consent Form and police report template that is applicable to you for loss of Hibah and/or Commission. Please inform your customers and consultants ASAP.

Whether you have gold in hand or not, all GMSB customers and consultants are affected by the unjust raid conducted by Bank Negara Malaysia. Due to the unprofessional raid by BNM with no evidence of any wrong doing, all transactions stopped abruptly on 1 October 2012.

There are still no charges against GMSB and you were left hanging in a lurch till today. You either did not get your gold, did not receive payment for gold sold back or lost your source of income/hibah since that fateful day on 1 October 2012.

You can be a member of a CLASS ACTION against BNM and/or any other authority through filing of a Judicial Review at the relevant High Court. All we need is your consent and a contribution of RM50.00 towards the legal costs to kick-start the process. Payment method to be notified later.

Here’s What You Do ASAP:

  1. Download the JR Consent Form and attach the following documents:
    • Copy of IC (both sides) – cross NRIC “Court/GMS JR use only”
    • Copy of CPO/Sell Back Form/Hibah Letter
    • Police Report (If any)
  1. Submission Deadline: 6 March 2013 
  2. Send to: GMS HelpDesk, c/o GOLDBEAM, 7 Jalan 3/116D, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
    Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or email: with bank deposit slip.

Enquiries, please call GMS HelpDesk (012) 301 2509 or meet us at the above address, 10AM–1PM, Mondays–Fridays and excluding public holidays.

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13 thoughts on “Now All Genneva Customers Can Support Judicial Review

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  7. Pat Lu

    niamah… still want to scam people RM50… wake up lah, genneva is a ponzi scheme. You show video of singapore media not being bias, you never wanna share the video when singapore media says genneva is ponzi scheme… only know how to say that one different.

    you are a useless christian, shame on you! shame on you Lu Family! Pat Lu… your ancestors curse you!

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