Victim or Survivor, the Choice is Yours

Victim-or-Survivor“I AM ONE I can’t do everything but I can do something and because I can’t do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

1st October 2012 changed many lives for the worst. A living and unending nightmare…

I am a sales person. Everyone can’t be CEOs of organizations. The unique thing about sales people, their income is proportionate to their effort. We don’t have a fixed income that is why we need to plan ahead for rainy days. We worked hard last year to secure income for few months ahead. Now that has been taken away from us. As a sales person I’ve been without an income for the last 6 months, no fault of mine nor the company I work with. I BECAME A VICTIM.

As a youth I spent many wonderful years working with the less fortunate. I worked many days in hospital spending time with people left to die or paralyzed people with nowhere to go. I had fetched many old folks left in the streets to shelters. Orphans, lepers, old folks, refugees, including prisoners. Those days I could only offer my labour and always admired those who sponsored these activities. Being a sponsor was on my wish list. With Genneva I had a few wonderful years in giving. Today I have to say no to many as I have lost my source of income. THE GIVER AND THE RECEIVER BECAME VICTIMS.

Last week I meet a fellow Genneverian, a cancer patient who has young children. He can’t find employment anywhere and thanked God for the income received from Genneva to enable him to pay for his treatment and to provide for his children. His income was disrupted abruptly on 1st October 2012. Today, his only source of income is the RM300 from welfare. HE AND HIS CHILDREN ARE VICTIMS.

Another consultant who couldn’t handle the harassment sold his one and only property to pay off his clients as they were all friends and relatives. A few weeks later he died in a road accident. His poor wife is now bunking with relatives. SHE IS A VICTIM.

An elderly couple used the monthly RM600 hibah for their basic living. You can imagine how basic that is with RM600 today. It was disrupted from 1st October 2012. Life changed instantly. SENIOR CITIZENS ARE VICTIMS.

Many of us are called liars and cheats. Friends are now enemies. Dispute among family members between spouses, between siblings, between parents and children and between relatives. Some unable to take the stress and misery had their health impacted by stroke among other impairments. Some took their own lives. Some living in fear everyday. Some are hiding from aggressive customers. Some being chased by debtors. Not only have we lost our job, we have lost our pride and self-respect. We are not able to move on as we are  answerable to so many people. we are given the reception similar to a criminal. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS!


We live in a land where law and order is respected. Do not be afraid to voice out when you are VICTIMIZED.  Why fear when we voice our grievances using proper channels provided by the law? It is our basic human right. We are not taking the law into our own hands.

We have TWO options available to us — lodge police reports and support the judicial review. Submission deadline: 6 March 2013. Please bear in mind, we are neither anti-establishment nor are we challenging the authorities when we voice out our grievances. We only want justice served to claim back what is rightfully ours, our assets and our livelihoods.

BeesIf you think you are too small to be effective, well, remember being in bed with a mosquitoe? Or a bee might be a better example … as a bee in a swarm!

So victims, be a SURVIVOR. Do your part to get back what is rightfully yours.

May justice prevail,

Shanthi Masilamoney,
Vice President, Protem Committee

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One thought on “Victim or Survivor, the Choice is Yours

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