judicial-reviewThe Help Desk Crew is aware that there has been tremendous anxiety and frustration amongst some of you who are looking forward to progress updates on the filing of the court proceeding against the authorities who are holding our gold and money unjustly.

Help Desk would like to inform that data entry has been completed last week and duly compiled according to the respective categories of affected Gennevarians. In other words, we know each and every one of you who have joined in the class action. That makes you identifiable and contactable either through the conventional SMS or by email.

The legal volunteers have been working hard with regards to the proposed JR action and they have consulted at least five different legal eagles who have established themselves in the legal circle and these lawyers have generously given their respective input and opinion pertaining to the different options and scenarios as well as consequences that can be safely ventured through by all of us as a class of aggrieved plaintiffs. The findings are now collated into a summarized conclusion.

To each and every one of you who have boldly stepped forward and be counted, Help Desk is determined to see you through a decisive actionable course of legal redress against the unjust raid that has befallen on Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd, thus resulting in all Gennevarians to be a financial casualty in the hands of some reckless people holding power in authority. As interested party, you are naturally anxious to know what’s happening and Help Desk volunteers are not going to keep you in the dark.

As such, there will be update sessions to be held from time to time just for you and at the end of every session there will be Q&A so that you are clear of all issues that may crop up during the different stages of the legal progress. There is going to be a first session held next week and all those involved would be duly notified by SMS and/or email of the time and venue.

Please note that the update sessions are only for Gennevarians who have participated in the JR action and as such it is not open for all members of the public. Entry to future meetings will be checked against names that are registered with Help Desk. Members of the public who are not involved will be denied entry.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

HelpDesk Crew 

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  1. Dick Yap

    Can I attend future meetings by proxy?
    My wife is a consultant, but for the last 3 years, I have attented all meetings, have been actively doing most of the sales on her behalf and on behalf of all our clients. I filed the Judicial Review on behalf of some of my clients and paid their fees too. Thank you.

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