BN’s Empty Promises and Pin Drop Silence

While some 8,000 Genneva customers waited patiently for their gold or money seized by BNM to be returned to them; 52,000 Genneva customers including senior citizens and the sick have had no hibah and some 6,000 Genneva consultants had no income and had to find other means to put food on the table, pay loans or children’s education.

Genneva customers appealed to the highest authorities for help, including Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who was also Finance Minister before Parliament was disolved. He said “Don’t worry.” –

Seven long months and our appeals fell on deaf ears of PM and all component parties within Barisan Nasional. EMPTY PROMISES AND PIN DROP SILENCE were all we received since the unjust raid by BNM on 1 October 2012.

Here’s a perfect expression of our sentiments today…

Jaga Kebersihan

May the “Yang Berkhidmats” never forget, PEOPLE ARE THE BOSS.

Gennevarians, vote wisely tomorrow. 

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