Customers Outcry

Tun-M-GMS-Fair-TreatmentSome of the stories posted on Genneva Malaysia Supporters FB Page. We had tears in our eyes as we repost these messages here…

Pinkkie Lim: When can our gold n money been returned? A lot of the mentally retarded n disabled children, from the orphanage home’ as well the old folks need our support for their daily lives. Can BN act faster on the issue concern – even these unfortunate people cannot reach u but they will remember u in their hearts. So pls released all our gold n money.

Simson Moi: 4 years ago, the world economic down turn and hit the whole world and our country have no exception and every1 is suffer from that. My wife lost her job and I myself also affected by either accept a pay cut or choose to leave the company. Like most families, we survive living in KL with double income but now I’ve to struggle to keep my wife alive alone.

Over the years working with the little money we have, we foresee it wouldn’t last long and we are fortunate enough, we find Genneva and the Hibah we received from them consistently we survive for the past 2 years.

During that horrifying 4 years, we never ask for any help from our government, (they jaunt can’t do anything even if I did ), or getting any loan from the bank or loan shark, and I’m still paying tax as a duty of a citizen of this country.

At last we truly hope Genneva Malaysia can resume their business and let our life live on peacefully.

Alan Leon: I am a government pensioner and for the last 16 months have depended solely on Genneva’s hibah to sustain my family and me. I still have a very young son whose education and whole future depends on this hibah. I have withdrawn all my FDs, Amanah Saham 2020/Wawasan, EPF money, Public Mutual, wife’s Jewellery, and all other bank accounts and even sold off family antiques and heirlooms to purchase the gold.

In all the 16 months I have received ALL hibah payments. Genneva has not defaulted, not even once. There is absolutely NO element of cheating or deposit taking. I am holding the gold now and have confirmed it is 100% 999.9, 24K genuine gold. With the Bank Negara raid I don’t think my family and I can survive cos the future appears extremely bleak.

For the last few days, I have not eaten, been staring at the 4 walls in my room and my mind is a total blank. I humbly appeal to Bank Negara and to YBhg Tan Sri Dr Zeti Aziz, Governor of Bank Negara to unfreeze Genneva’s account and allow it to resume trading with immediate effect.

Kunasegeren Rajoo: Being a father of 5 kids and feeding a number of 8 people family, this recent issue has caused a massive impact on my income. All my kids are studying. 3 of my kids are studying in the University where they travel on a daily basis. A sudden investigation on Genneva which has been an honourable association that has been providing us the Hibah on a timely manner. It has been really helpful for middle class family like mine to have a stable life in the current economy status.

It is really unfair that Bank Negara just out of the blue raids Genneva and 60,000 people are being affected. I really think BNM needs to provide more reasonable explanation for this sudden disaster. I really wish the investigation will be done as soon as possible because, it is not 100 people but it is thousands of families income. I would like take this opportunity to Thank Genneva for all their support and I will pray that all this ends soon. RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN ,,,,,,Said PM…

Celine Ong: Since I was introduced to GM about 20 mths ago, it’s been a turning point for my family’s life. The burden of raising up 3 school going children, supporting our mothers, funding of our son’s medical expenses were lifted. We hv also been able to sail through the crisis while many are finding it hard to survive with the rising inflation rate. A huge sum of debts were paid off. Many buyers are happy to be able to hedge against inflation. A single mother, thanked GM with tears of joy, for helping her to hedge against inflation. With the hibah payment, she was able to celebrate her son’s birthday in the church, brought smiles to many children and orphanages who attended the church. BNM, pls return GM to us, return our customer’s gold and return the smiles to 60K rakyat!

Elaine Yap: We rely on hibah to pay for our mom medical expenses as she is suffering from motor neuron disease which is a deadly disease. My family members put our hard earn money in GENNEVA gold savings plan the purpose is to let our mom to have better medical treatment and better life hope one day she can be cured. But now the nightmare comes and we will be facing financial crisis if the authority depts are not going to lift the suspension and let GENNEVA resume their business, let us continue to earn the hibah so that our mom will have a better chance of recovery. I urge the related authority depts to help us please.

Yeap Kim Lai: I am a retiree who is not working right now. Yes I can depend on my EPF money but for how long for sooner or later its going to become zero if I do not invest into something. I have a child in college 1st year which requires fees of RM5000 every quarter while not forgetting his travelling and food allowances. With Genneva coming into the picture nearly two years now, I am able to sustain myself without other people supporting me like my day to day spending, petrol and so on. Do BNM want us retiree to be dependent on our children or others when we can actually take care of ourselves without putting pressure on our children who are trying to survive in our present economy. BNM tell me that Bank can pay high returns if I put my money with them then YES I would go with the bank but for now they give miserable interest or dividend.

Chen Sie Yeo: I must say Genneva Malaysia SB (from hereon GM) is a SAVIOUR to me and all the about 200,000 Malaysians who are trading Gold with GM for the last 4-5 years. I buy Gold from GM to earn the Hibah money that helps me pay living allowances for my 88 years old wheelchair-ridden stroke-striken beloved mother.

The Hibah also helps ease ever escalating living costs in our beloved country Malaysia while we strive to achieve the 2020 Goals & 1 Malaysia targets. Hooray Genneva!

We sincerely urge Bank Negara Malaysia to immediately return all GM Gold Bars, Server & Devices and all documents snatched from GM and declare that GM is free from all future RAIDS from Bank Negara Malaysia & all other related Government authorities & Consumer Association and PPIM. Thank you very much BNM for your kind consideration & subsequent approval. May ALLAH Bless YOU, BNM & ALL MALAYSIANS. MAY PEACE, HARMONY, PROSPERITY, UNITY, EQUALITY, HAPPINESS & HEALTH BE WITH ALL MALAYSIANS.

Nur Illiani Chai Abdullah: Genneva telah banyak membantu meringankan beban saya sebagai seorang ibu tunggal yang bertanggungjawab untuk membesarkan 3 orang anak. Syarikat ini memberi peluang kepada orang ramai untuk menabung dan mendapat Hibah secara halal. Saya berpendapat bahawa syarikat initidak memberi impak yang negatif kepada mana-mana pihak. Harap pihak BNM dapat memperhalusi isu ini dengan teliti kerana ia akan meyukarkan kehidupan dan nasib kami selaku ibu tunggal untuk mendidik and membesarkan anak-anak kami yang bangga menjadi tungak bangsa dan Negara kelak.

Tan HY: Saya membuat urusniaga simpanan dengan Genneva Malaysia S.Bhd sebab Genneva Malaysia S.Bhd memberikan saya Hibah yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan faedah yang diperolehi daripada bank.

Saya dan suami saya sudah pun bersara. Saya bersyukur kerana pendapatan Hibah setiap bulan daripada Genneva membolehkan kami menampung kos perbelajaran anak saya yang sedang berlajar bidang perubatan di Pulau Pinang. Tanpa punca pendapatan ini mungkin anak saya akan mengalami kesukaran untuk menamatkan pengajiannya.

Fong MJ: Genneva Malaysia SB with Syariah platform has helped me and my family in many areas. All our children education fees, household expenses, medical fees, elderly parent allowances and our retirement fund are derived from the monthly Hibah!

I was retrenched few years ago due to company was took over by competitors. That had left me without any sources of income. I also withdraw my EPF and bought gold from Genneva because it can help to hedge against the high inflation especially in Klang Valley as well as to preserve myretirement fund values.

My others investment didn’t pay me as much as what Genneva can gave us. Geneva has improve my family quality of live and increase my asset values. We are so happy and appreciate the company so much. However, recent incident had causes us into a big financial trouble to my family.

Please help and let us have our GOLD & HIBAH back!!! This is our belonging form halal punya rezeki!

Moy Hua: I am a 56 years old single woman, work as an office cleaner. I thank you Genneva Malaysia for helping me to pay some of my bills through the monthly Hibah!! The Hibah is so significant in my life because everything is so expensive nowadays, food price keep on escalating but my salary never increase for the past 3 years !!!

I got my gold. I receive my Hibah every month & on time. I’m very happy. Even my salary was late sometimes. Please do not take this platform away ! It really help people like me in the lower income group !!!

Dr. Chua HY: Genneva Malaysia is a business that has helped tens of thousands of RAKYAT to improve their standard of living, including me. I am very grateful for the Hibah that the company has given me as it has helped support my costs of living. In today’s economic condition it is very difficult for usto make an earning that will be able to support their livelihood. Genneva has given the RAKYAT an alternative to live a better & quality life. I am very happy with the level of service provided by the company so far and they has fulfilled their obligations to me without any issues.

I hope it will be allowed to continue its business for the sake of the RAKYAT!

JL Fong: My uncle is a single, retired person and he is also physically handicapped being a victim of polio at birth. He has used his savings to purchase gold from the company and has been benefitting from the discretionary hibah which the Syariah Platform provides.

The hibah is his only monthly sustainance. He recently purchased gold and the gold is due for collection this 1st week of October. No thanks to the relevant authorities, he has now no money and no gold. Basically he has been robbed!!!

BNM please return all our customers gold, hibah and commissions. It is causing a lot of hardship all over the country and nothing you are doing seems to benefit the raktyat!!!

Bunny Young: I am a SINGLE MOTHER for 2 children. I joined GENNEVA as a consultant and also a client since GENNEVA set up and work hard everyday. I am earning my household expenses SOLELY from GENNEVA. In all these years, GENNEVA is paying me hibah and consultant commission every month punctually without any delay. With the stable income from GENNEVA, I am able to raise my children, pay housing loan, car instalment, children tuition fees and all household expenses from month to month without asking any help or donation from anybody, any association or government. And in June 2012, I am able to pay RM3,000 tax.

Please our PM, give me a help, my family need the income from GENNEVA. My daughter who is form 5 now is going to college by January 2013. I need the income from GENNEVA to pay her expensive school fees. This is my kid future, please give me a help. I AM JUST A SINGLE MOTHER THAT STRUGGLING FOR LIVE. I can’t sleep and in tears everyday since GENNEVA raided by BNM. GENNEVA is helping 7,000 consultants and 60,000 clients and their families from all races to have better living is a proven record. Please, PM, give us a help. WE ALL NEED GENNEVA. Thank you very much for reading the words from the depth of my heart.  And all my clients that receiving hibah from GENNEVA every month punctually thanks GENNEVA a lot. They all agreed Genneva help them to have better living.

Keat Zai: I represent my grandfather to type this letter, my neighbour help to translate into english, 2 years ago, my old factory owner wanted to take back the factory, on that time i decide to own a factory rather then every year facing this kind of problem, but as a late 60 years old man, bank might not approved the loan, so i hv to withdraw some saving fr bank, sold the property, luckily, bank approve my loan with a little bit amount, i dont want to explain so much here, banker will know how this work. every month installment is around rm2000, remember, im a late 60 years old man, i dont hv much energy to work for so long, im a car mechanic, the monthly installment is my nightmare, untill i know genneva, me and my wife decide to take out the FD which so little to buy gold, i use the hibah to pay half of my installment, which is really really good, genneva nvr failed me., i hope i can receive hibah again in the future.

Yap Siew Mei: Our mother suffers from motor neurone disease which is a malignant disease that will eventually leave her paralysed, unable to speak and possibly die of respiratory failure. She is suffering everyday and we have been seeking treatments in the hope that she will one day recover. This will not be possible without the returns from the investment that we made in Genneva. We hope that the authorities will make the right decision and let Gennava resume business so that we can continue to make use of the earnings to finance our mother’s medical expenses.

Thanaletchumy Munusamy: I am a retired person aged 67 and my wife 63, no source of any income except Hibah from GENNEVA for the past 2 years,since after raiding i am worried about future.

Ang Siok Yee: I have been a customer of Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Genneva”) since April 2011. Genneva has always delivered my gold promptly eversince. My purchase is also backed by Sales & Purchase Agreement that is underwritten based on the Syariah concept. Since then, the trading platform has helped me to pay for my car loan using the monthly discretionary hibah. Although it is not guaranteed, but Genneva has been able to honor the hibah payments and perform. I am very glad there is such a trading platform that help my financial needs.The investigation on Genneva has left me and many others with questions. I earn a small salary and need this platform running to pay for my life expenses. I hope the investigation can be settled in a reasonable time frame. I appeal to the authorities to allow continuance of Genneva business pending investigation and return the rightful gold/monies belong to other customers.

LB Tan: I am thankful to Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Genneva”) which has helped many people. Because of the raid by, the authority has put a stop to Genneva’s business and is directly affecting many livelihoods. I will be getting lesser RM400/month. Without this inflow of money, my mother’s medicine had to be reduced as well as the treatment expenses. Certain medicine which I cannot get them from the Government Hospital, I have to purchase from Pharmacy…this medicine “Pradaxa” is expensive, a box cost RM178.00 and is only for 2 weeks, my mother has to take it twice a day. I am the only bread earner of my family inclusive my mother’s all expenses & treatment. If Genneva platform stops, who will give me the extra RM400/month to reduce my burden. I am thankful to the Genneva’s consultant to introduce me to this savings platform.

Genneva is conducting a rightful purchase of Gold with all documentation & paperwork well complied and informed. My purchase is also backed by Sales & Purchase Agreement that was underwritten by Syariah committee. This Company, Genneva is not an illegal investment company. I am fully supportive and have confidence in this Company.

This raid has affected many customers’ livelihood. I urge the authority to return all the rightful purchase of gold to the owners.

Shanthi Masilamoney: Few years was wonderful for me. as a single breadwinner i had to juggle between 3 jobs to feed my 2 children and and my elderly parent and that was before genneva found me. me…. ? i just found my dreams, i found hope, i found myself again. i feed and cloth and most importantly for any mother… i found time to be with my children again. i worried less i laughed more . i had 16 children from 3 very very poor family with me 3 mothers laughed more worried less and had hope in their life again. i had the blessing to feed them house them in a decent home. cloth them sent them to school put a decent meal on their table for the last 3 years. today i had to give up 6 children. my heart is broken. the mother has to return to her one room flat to stay with her brother and his 5 children to a very troubled and challenging neighbourhood. how many of us know what it feels like to be given hope and robbed of it again. whatever bnm or all those people who brand us as greedy and selfish may think or say … you will never know what the mother of that 6 kids feel tonite when i told her” i cant care for you nomore …. ” you will never know what it feels like to be cheated and me .. THE CHEAT …. i am angry hurt … but this feeling is real it is not fake. i am one of those who went to meet the prime minister he gave us HOPE but that is not enough. we meet the ex prime minister he was very kind but he was ridiculed for his kindness that is the kind of world we are in. we went to meet the first lady the doors were shut we went to umno a turn of event .. we went to mic the respond was very embarrasing for all indians we were told that he is merely a postman a meet that did not last 2 mins!!! the mca been playing their own drama many plots on stage and off stage. we went to bnm for explaination they asking us to chop the hand that feed us !!! where do we turn to now. i am a simple mother pushed to all ends iam only looking for one heart that is willing enough to help us end this ordeal. the kind of preasure we getting from customers is really unbearable. as a sales person my only wealth is my reputation please dont rob me of my dignity. i have feed my children with the earning from genneva …. today i am answerable to many clients ‘ I PAID YOU THE MONEY WHERE IS MY GOLD !!!!!” those in power taking their own sweet time … TO DO OR NOT TO DO ??? blesss those in power for you are entrusted with the power to protect the weak and those in need. WE NEED KINDNESS WILL WE EVER FIND IT. 

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