Open Letter to Dato’ Khairun Aseh

Dear YB Dato’ Khairun Aseh:

Re: UMNO Youth helping 8,000? (

UMNO Youth: Free Legal Aid for 8,000

The undersigned was present at your esteem premise A1-2-9 Solaris Dutamas on the 10th Oct. 2012 Wednesday from 01:20pm to 03:30pm when your esteem self and UMNO Youth delegates consented to meet the GMSB Consultants and Customers on their predicament.

Dato’, the undersigned has several doubts about this 1st Oct. 2012 Raid on GMSB led by the Almighty Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), that hopefully your esteem self will be so kind as to enlighten him on:

1.    The whole world knows that BNM took away, 126kg of 999.99 Gold & RM99.80 million (as declared by BNM), said to be “evidence” from GMSB premise on the 01st Oct. 2012 for investigation.

If so, why did BNM declare on the 5th Dec. 2012 that the GMSB Customers will have to deal with the court to get the Gold and Money back?

2.    As BNM has not officially charged GMSB on any one of the six (6) suspected allegations used to conduct the 1st Oct. 2012 Raid on GMSB, the court will not be involved in this case, right?

3.    Does this mean BNM is misleading the Genneva Customers and the general public, i.e. all Malaysians?

4.    In the first place, without solid evidence and only base on suspicions, on what valid basis BNM led the Raid on GMSB???

5.    Also, why was it a Raid on the 1st Oct. 2012 and not a series of Official Investigation Visits to seek evidences of suspected allegations that can be charged in court?

6.    What happened to the transparency that has always been solicited not only in Malaysia but also in all countries in the world? In this GMSB Raid by BNM, where is the transparency in this investigation?

7.    With all above said, the undersigned believes that, all the Consultants and Customers of GMSB will agree that the only solution to this GMSB dilemma is:

  • Release all 999.9 gold and money removed from Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd premise on the 01st oct. 2012, 
  • Unfreeze all GMSB bank accounts, and
  • Allow GMSB to resume business operations without any condition whatsover!

8.    BNM should observe &/or conduct surveillance on GMSB in whatever way they wish without hindering its operations until and unless BNM obtained solid evidence to charge GMSB for whatever allegation they deem fit.

Base on the undersigned’s limited legal knowledge, a charge can be served to the suspect but it does not give the authorities the right to raid the suspect’s premise and remove valuables unless it is a serious offence that can lead to severe casualties or any other adverse consequences or threat to the country.

C S YEO, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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