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HAPPENING TODAY in KK, Melaka and Penang

No one saves us but ourselvesBack by popular demand and as an extension of HelpDesk KL, there will be briefings on “How to Get Your Gold and Money Back from BNM” for customers and consultants. Drop everything and be there!


  1. KOTA KINABALU : 12:30PM, Genneva Office
  2. MELAKA : 1:30PM, Genneva Office
  3. PENANG : 6:30PM, Goh Kheng Sneah Batu Uban Gerakan Service Centre (opposite Vistana)

Any volunteers who would like to organize the same in other states or be a part of the HelpDesk Crew, please provide your name and contact number at

Enquiries, please call GMS HelpDesk (012) 301 2509 or meet us at GOLDBEAM, 7 Jalan 3/116D, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
10AM–1PM, Mondays–Fridays and excluding public holidays.

Please forward on to those who may benefit from this email. Thank you.

HelpDesk Crew, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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Dear Gennevarians

Hope everyone is doing well and THANK YOU for the tremendous turnout on Friday for the briefing How to Get Your Gold and Money Back from BNM.

There has been some confusion over the organization of the current meetings and briefings. Please note that the recent briefing held on Friday (Feb 22nd 2013) was not organized by the Protem Committee.  It was organized by caring and concerned Gennevarians.  However, Nadzir (President), Shanthi (Vice President) and I as Secretary of the Protem Committee personally felt that this activity of a Judicial Review and making of police reports is a viable option to consider.

At this juncture we believe that no option should be discarded as time is of essence here with GE 13 fast approaching.

Therefore we will personally show our support and want all Gennevarians to have access to correct and proper information so that you will be able to make an educated and informed decision based on correct information.

Through the Help Desk, it has come to our knowledge that there have been several misconceptions.

  1. Many believe that if you make a Police Report you will not be able to get your gold from the company when it is released.
    Please note that your report is not against Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GMSB) so there is no legal reason for you not to receive your gold once the company is released.
  2. We shouldn’t antagonize the authorities.
    Please note that we are the victims and we are merely voicing out our concern and issues to the proper authorities.  GMSB will maintain proper relations with the authorities, however we are merely showing the authorities that we are here still waiting and hurting. 
  3.  If you support the JR, you are going against the company.
    Please note that the JR and Police reports are not against GMSB and that our action is merely a safety blanket if things don’t turn out for GMSB as hoped. 

Please visit for lots more information.

One of the strengths of GMSB is our sheer size. We are definitely a force to be reckoned with. At this point we don’t know how things may turn out; so while hoping for the best lets prepare for the worst.

Therefore when we carry out any activity, no matter who organizes it, we should stand together and be heard. As the saying goes, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

Please download JR Consent Form  |  Police Report Template

Thank you,

Kavita R. Rajoo, Nadzir Azizan and Shanthi Masillamoney
Unity is Power

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Memo from Protem Vice President

Say Your Piece

While GMSB Management is doing their part in getting Genneva back in operation, yesterday’s program on ‘How to Get Your Gold and Money Back from BNM’ is an initiative of a group of people whose intention was nothing lesser.

The Protem Committee did not initiate this noble move, however, it has the support of the President Nadzir, the Secretary Kavita Rajoo and myself as Vice President.

By making a police report you will NEVER be the enemy of the Management, trust me on this.

Five months has passed and we are still optimistic that we will all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Putting that aside and looking at our timing now with the GE13 around the corner, we must be prepared with more than just one avenue to obtain what is rightfully ours.

Lodging a police report and activating judicial review is an option provided by the law. When you make your police report and support the Judicial Review move, do it with full understanding that you are exercising your right to obtain what is rightfully yours and not because someone else asked to do so.

Just as a sunbeam can’t separate itself from the sun and a wave can’t separate itself from the ocean, we can’t separate ourselves from one another. We are all part of a vast sea of love, one humanity.

However, everyone must row with the oars that one has, only then can we reach the shore together and enjoy the sun at the same time. We can’t say we are together One Genneva Family unless we exhibit it.

By Shanthi Masilamoney, Vice President, Protem Committee

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Now All Genneva Customers Can Support Judicial Review

SUPPORT JRUPDATE: Download latest JR Consent Form and police report template that is applicable to you for loss of Hibah and/or Commission. Please inform your customers and consultants ASAP.

Whether you have gold in hand or not, all GMSB customers and consultants are affected by the unjust raid conducted by Bank Negara Malaysia. Due to the unprofessional raid by BNM with no evidence of any wrong doing, all transactions stopped abruptly on 1 October 2012.

There are still no charges against GMSB and you were left hanging in a lurch till today. You either did not get your gold, did not receive payment for gold sold back or lost your source of income/hibah since that fateful day on 1 October 2012.

You can be a member of a CLASS ACTION against BNM and/or any other authority through filing of a Judicial Review at the relevant High Court. All we need is your consent and a contribution of RM50.00 towards the legal costs to kick-start the process. Payment method to be notified later.

Here’s What You Do ASAP:

  1. Download the JR Consent Form and attach the following documents:
    • Copy of IC (both sides) – cross NRIC “Court/GMS JR use only”
    • Copy of CPO/Sell Back Form/Hibah Letter
    • Police Report (If any)
  1. Submission Deadline: 6 March 2013 
  2. Send to: GMS HelpDesk, c/o GOLDBEAM, 7 Jalan 3/116D, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
    Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or email: with bank deposit slip.

Enquiries, please call GMS HelpDesk (012) 301 2509 or meet us at the above address, 10AM–1PM, Mondays–Fridays and excluding public holidays.

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Please Fight Back! (请反击!反击有理!)

First they came

Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.

I was at the HelpDesk at Goldbeam today and I learnt a lot i.e that there are many misconceptions regarding the Police Reports and the Judicial Review.

Some of which are :

1. The  police report  will jeopardize the company Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GMSB) or it will go against the company. Truth is the police reports is your complaint against BNM for acting in bad faith. It has been about 5 months and still no charge against the GMSB and no release of gold and monies to us. You are merely asking the police to investigate BNM not GMSB.

2. By lodging your police report, it could jeopardize your claim for gold and monies as GMSB would be angry with you. Truth is you are acting for your own interest and protecting your own interest. You are not hurting GMSB nor suing GMSB in anyway. Why would GMSB not give you gold nor pay you monies if they were up and running? The fact that the HelpDesk for the JR is set up at Goldbeam office speaks for  itself.

Fight-Back-BNM3. I also understand today that some of you are afraid to lodge police reports because you are afraid of being harassed by the authorities. Please do not fear, it is high time all of you take action.

For the last four months some quarters have been telling you, “Good news is coming and please wait for it. Do not do anything to jeopardise the good news”. I personally have heard it 5 to 6 times. “Once bitten, twice shy; twice bitten, never try…” 5 to 6 times means enough is enough! Someone is making a fool out of all of us.

Please fight back! Like Bersih, Lynas, etc. when you fight back you are taking control of your destiny, what more, we are fighting for our life long savings and our livelihoods. It is high time BNM be challenged for acting in ultra vires and for abusing their powers.

4. To those of you who have not lodged police reports for other reasons – I do not have to spell it out – but you are in support of the JR, please come and join the meeting How to Get Your Gold and Money Back from BNM this Friday 22/2 at Goldbeam Office as you may still be part of the JR despite not lodging your PR (HelpDesk Crew like to know who you are and how many of you are out there) . It is of course best for you to lodge your police reports as that tantamount to Public Pressure when BNM sees this happening all over the country.

I am one of the early ones who lodged my police report together with my customers, so I urge all of you to do the same to help yourself, your families and your customers to fight for what is rightfully yours. We were all robbed by Greedy Corrupted People! I got really fed up with the whole situation and I point my guns at the perpetrator of my misery BNM not GMSB because you do not bite the hand that feeds you!

Please help yourselves and don’t let BNM get away with our gold and monies!

By JL Fong, Genneva Malaysia Supporters

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今天我在GOLDBEAM工会所设立的服务台,得知对投诉报警(Police Report) 和司法審査(Judicial  Review, JR)产生许多的误解。


1、 投诉报警行为是针对性的对付金玉华公司,且它具危害性。事实是 投诉报警是你针对国行"坏诚信"行动所作出的抗议。至今已有5个月,国行未做出任何对金玉华公司的指控且未归还我们的黄金和款额。你仅是要求警方介入调查国行,非金玉华公司。

2、投诉报警行为将激怒金玊华公司,並危害你寻求黄金及款额的机会。事实是 你是为自己而行使保护自己的利益行动。无论如何,此行为对金玉华公司並无造成伤害;如果回复正常运作,为何金玊华公司会不给你黄金或支付你的款额呢?JR服务台设立于GoldBeam办公室的事实,已不言自明地表示支持。


在过去4个月里,四方八面来的消息告诉你,"好消息来了,请等待它吧!不要做任何损害好消息的行动。"。我被告知5、6次之多。"一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳"⋯ 这5、6次的谎言已能说明我们已受夠了!有人计划地在愚弄着我们!

请反击!如Bersih,Lynas 等。你的反击行动是为了保护自己的血汗钱和生计而战!命运掌握于自己手中。現在正是時候,挑战国行的越权和滥权行为了!

4、因为某种因素而没有投诉报警的人,我不方便略出,如果你是支持司法審查JR行动,欢迎你来参加于22/2日,"如何从国行要回我们的黄金和款额"的会议。地点在GoldBeam 办公室。因为你还是可以参加JR司法審查法律行动。服务台人员须要登记和收集你的资料。当然,报警是受鼓励和支持的,如果全国性地釆取一致行动,它将对国行形成一股非常大的公众压力。



原著JL Fong

Do you want a government like this?

Hot in today’s news, Dr Pornthip Rojanasunand has said she declined to perform a second autopsy on security guard C. Sugumar as Malaysian government was not happy with her previous work in the death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

“Please send my message to your people that I’ve never wanted to be involved in politics I understand that each country have sic their own justice system but there should be no barrier for the people to seek justice ” she said.

The End BNDo you want a government like this?

Our government is the vindictive kind of the worst sort. Once they are set to do you in, no one is expected to help. If you help, they will do everything possible to do you in as well.

A government that is ARBITRARY in choosing what kind of law to do you in, no matter whether there is evidence or not.

A government that is AUTHORITATIVE that says it loud and clear that it is always right and will do everything possible to cover its ass even if wrong and if you try to do something to disprove what they are trying to cover up, they will again try everything possible to do you in.

A government that is COLD AND HEARTLESS and will not listen, listen, listen to the people’s plight and suffering, as what Gennevians are doing here.

A government that is never hesitant to TWIST AND TURN until they get what they want from you or run away from you once they got what they want.

A government that is THICK-SKINNED AND SHAMELESS even if the truth is exposed right in their faces.

A government that is so BOLD AND DARING as to rob its citizens in broad daylight of their rightful entitlement, contrary to any right thinking government that would abhor and resent from doing it in the first place.

A government that is ARROGANT enough to continue rubbing you in the dirt and scornfully laughs at you as you protest helplessly of being robbed, as if asking you – “what are you going to do about it”?

A government that is constantly and persistently going to BULLY you around for the next five years if it got elected again this GE13.

No to BNGennevians, take the cue from the “Penang Lang” when they gave Najib a loud and resounding “NO” when he asked Penangites “Are you ready for BN?” three times. Say “NO” to BN and BNM.

How do you say no when there is no field and no PSY to allow you to gather?


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Najib’s failure to listen earns public rebuke

It was Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s failure to listen to the people that earned him the public rebuke he got in Penang during the BN’s Chinese New Year open house.

He has spent huge amounts of money trying to impress upon Malaysians his concept of change. But he has failed. It is a pity but he was humiliated when the crowd in Penang said ‘No”, not once but three times, when he asked whether they are ready for BN.

It is strange for the PM to have asked the question three times, having heard their reply the first time around. Perhaps the PM was just doing what he does best. He was not listening.

The PM who has repeatedly sought support by declaring himself as a ‘PM for all Malaysians’ has failed miserably to demonstrate that very courage needed of a leader in such circumstances, to lead where leadership is required.

PM Najib - Don't worryThen the even more disturbing failure on the PM’s part to see to it that action is taken against individuals who have single-handedly and deliberately flout the law by interfering into and freezing the lawful business of Genneva Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GMSB), and consequentially thereby having insulted the intelligence of all customers, friends and supporters of GMSB by twisting and turning the plot to become a noble action on the part of the government by claiming such raid to be in the name of protecting public interest.

Genneva Supporters have subsequently given not only on one occasion but twice, letters of appeal with the hope that the PM can see with his own eyes the plight of suffering Gennevarians.

Unfortunate as it may, there is just simply no action and the PM doesn’t answer. All he could whimper out from his mouth is “Don’t worry”.

TunM-Genneva freeze not fairThen we have the PM keeping silent when party stalwarts such as Dr Mahathir Mohamad whose views represent and hold great weight in support of GMSB, continue to support such demeaning acts of letting Gennevarians to suffer or just die in desperation.

Despite the unashamed act of keeping other peoples’ gold and money, these very same people keep on insulting Gennevarians and fellow citizens of all races even to the extent of pleading to the people to give the PM a two-thirds majority in Parliament, so that laws can be changed so as to get rid of Malaysians who fight against them, who fight for justice and fair play.

These are merely a few examples. The PM has sat silent throughout these incidents. He doesn’t seem to listen.

Consequences of Deafness

The PM has failed to understand what it is that Malaysia needs. He failed to understand that Malaysia badly needs a change in political mindset, where quite apart from economic reform, we need to build a stronger and more resilient society, with greater social values and moral fabric.

Malaysia needs leadership if it is to move into a new era, an era where all Malaysians can rest assured that its government is alive to the real issues around it and brave enough to deal with them. We have thousands upon thousands of Gennevarians crying foul over the unjust raid of GMSB and the government through the PM is not brave enough to deal with it, of course for reasons it knows best.

BR1MThe PM has failed to do that. He has failed to live up to his slogans of “1Malaysia” and “People first, performance now”.

The people have sent a strong message to the PM: spending money doesn’t make you a better PM. Listening to your people on all scores and responding with solutions, especially in difficult situations, will.

There is much to be learnt from the public rebuke BN got in Penang. There is no way the people can force BN to listen to them.

BN can ignore the people as they have on many occasions. But when they ignore the people, they shouldn’t be surprised when the people in turn reject them publicly in the end.

Source: This article is taken and adopted from from a Malaysiakini posting of same title or read it at Malaysia Chronicle by Gobind Singh Deo, DAP’s parliamentarian for Puchong.

Also watch MKini Video: Penang folks said ‘No!’, Najib seems to have missed it

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